Can I branch / route respondents to specific questions?

Yes, the A/B Routing functionality (e.g. Q2) allows you to split respondents equally, quickly and easily to different questions in a single survey, while branching feature (e.g. Q3) routes based on answers:


How to use them?

For using A/B Routing question type, you'd need to create the branches with a given weight clicking on "Add branch" and route them to the specific questions you want to test. For example, sending different people to see their reaction to different set of images.

On the other hand, if you want to route people based on their answers, use the blue arrows on the right and select the question where you'd like to branch them. You can branch individual answers or branch them all together using the branching icon at the top (e.g. sending all respondents to Q4 - which appears disabled in the image because we are branching at an answer level).


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