What question types are supported?

YouGov Surveys: Self-serve supports 5 question types

  1. Single choice
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Image
  4. Video
  5. Text response
  6. A/B Routing

You can also add instructional prompts for users.


What is the maximum number of options that can be added to a Multiple-Choice question? 

You can add up to 25 answer options to both multiple choice and image questions. 


What types of image and video formats can be uploaded? 

Images in JPEG and PNG formats and Videos in MP4, and MOV formats can be uploaded.


Is it possible to make some of the question/option text bold, italic, or underlined 

CurrentlyYouGov Surveys: Self-serve does not offer these capabilities. We recommended using ALL CAPS in the meantime to emphasise a particular word, phrase, or sentence.  


Is it possible to restrict the number of answer options a respondent can select? E.g. ‘Please select your top 3 favourite brands’.  

Currently we cannot restrict the number of responses. We recommend adding your instruction in all caps, which our current clients find effective. 


Can I branch / route respondents to specific questions?  

Yes, the green branch icon next to each option allows you to branch respondents quickly and easily to different questions. You can also branch an overall question using the ‘Next Screen’ button.


Is it possible for a respondent to rank options in order of preference? 

This feature is not currently available. If you would like support on how to ensure your questions can be adapted to suit the YouGov Surveys: Self-serve platform you can contact the Support Team.

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